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Quick update

Over the holidays I spent a lot of time working on node-ncurses and improving it. I pushed the changes I made to the github repo awhile ago for those interested. I’ve also recently pushed a change to node-imap which makes the fetch() mechanism async and a stream. By streaming, I mostly mean it uses event […]

OSCAR: the unforgiving protocol

For the past week or more I have been struggling to find out why AOL was disconnecting me after making a connection to a second BOS server for additional services. The main BOS server would disconnect without any notice (connection reset by peer) when sending it any packets after connecting to and setting an additional […]

oscar = argh

I’ve been making some real progress on node-oscar this past week. Lots of major refactoring has been going on the past couple days, mostly to support multiple server connections (because apparently no single server offers all services). The thing that has been the most painful so far is dealing with the server-side information — adding, […]


After finishing the majority of the main features my node.js imap module, I’ve been looking for another protocol to implement. SMTP was already started on by someone else and POP3 isn’t worth implementing IMHO. Then I started browsing the node.js module wiki page and saw people that are working on an XMPP module. So that […]


Some time back I started writing an imap module for node.js. I had most of the usual functionality finished, but I got stuck on trying to come up with a quick and easy way to parse the result of a BODYSTRUCTURE command. At the time I was hoping there’d be some giant regex that would […]

NodeBuilder + grappler = <3

So a little while ago I added a little thing to the top of every page that shows the status of NodeBuilder. What is NodeBuilder? It’s a script built using node.js that automatically downloads, compiles, and packages (.deb and now .rpm) the latest stable and unstable versions of 32-bit and 64-bit node.js as they become […]

node.js api irc bot

So today I spent some time writing up an irc bot (using node-irc) that lets you do node.js api lookups from an irc channel. There are some small kludges because some parts of the api are treated specially. I’ve also had to make some modifications in a couple places in node.js’s api.markdown so that it […] fixes

Lately I’ve had some time to fiddle with my forked node.js modules, and, some more. Unfortunately a good portion of work I had done on the client side (and some server side) got overwritten (mostly dealing with additional cross-domain support via XDR and stuff) some time ago. That’ll have to be re-implemented again […]

A Poor Man’s MySQL module for node.js

Lately I’ve been taking a look at and messing around with a (fairly) new server-side Javascript framework called node.js. Usually neat things like this I don’t get an opportunity to use in the “real world,” but I am now using it at work and it has become a life saver for what I’m doing (comet […]