NodeBuilder + grappler = <3

So a little while ago I added a little thing to the top of every page that shows the status of NodeBuilder. What is NodeBuilder? It’s a script built using node.js that automatically downloads, compiles, and packages (.deb and now .rpm) the latest stable and unstable versions of 32-bit and 64-bit node.js as they become available.

Initially I just had this running in the background and it was spitting out the packages to a public-facing directory (click on the link next to the NodeBuilder status). However, around the same time I was putting the finishing touches on grappler, another project of mine. Since I was looking to create some extra (live) demos for grappler, I decided to extend NodeBuilder to use it. Performing this integration was quick and easy (as it should be) and NodeBuilder was up and serving its status to the public in no time.

Now, this is not really the best live demo since you basically have to hang out at the node.js IRC channel ( #Node.js) to watch for updates to ryah’s node github repo so you know when to look for the NodeBuilder status to change. However, the reason for it was that it was a simple integration and it’s kinda neat to watch it do its thing when a new commit is made :-)

EDIT: NodeBuilder is down for now. Some changes need to be made.